Standing up in front of an audience can be nerve-wrecking for even the most confident of people. Check out our list of 5 things to remember to do to make sure you give the impression of being cool, calm and collected!

1. PAUSE. When you’re lost for words, don’t be tempted to fill gaps with um’s and ah’s. These type of filler words, make you sound unsure. Just take a breath, pause, take a sip of water, and when you’re ready start again. Remember a few second pause, might feel like a lifetime to you on stage, but your audience will hardly notice it.

2. SLOW IT DOWN. When we’re nervous we tend to rush through what we want to say just so we can get back to the safety of our seats. This one of the most obvious signs of nerves in a speaker. Rushing what you want to say means the audience have less time to reflect and comprehend your message.

3. GET TO THE POINT. Hiding the point to your story initially can spark a little curiosity in your audience (especially if what you are about to say is a little controversial). But be warned, drag it out too long and you’ll lose them.

4. WATCH YOUR AUDIENCE. Communication only happens when the listener receives the message, and after all that’s your aim, to get your audience to receive your message. Watch them carefully for signs that they might not be following, or you’ve lost them and act quickly to regain their interest.

5. BE YOURSELF. Your audience have come to hear you speak. A human being with a personality and who makes mistakes. Take it in your stride if you forget where you were or you miss something out. (Remember you’re the only one who knows what you were planning to say anyway.) Let the audience see your personality and they’ll warm to you – we promise!

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