This fantastic “leadership recipe” was created by one of the teams on our leadership training course!  

Serves: one great team


  • 250g of inspirational spirit
  • 200g of motivational dust
  • 125g of confidence
  • 75g of expertise
  • 1 egg of trust
  • 25g of diplomacy glitter
  • A teaspoon of determination
  • Zest of empathy
  • Inner beauty and wise to decorate


Combine all the ingredients together, and then ‘whip up a storm’.  

Leave to develop for a period, testing the mixture and stirring things up occasionally. You can adding expertise if needed at this stage.  Then bake slowly until golden and well formed.   To serve, sprinkle with wise and inner beauty to match your personal taste!  (Best served warm)


What do you think?  We love it!