At some point in our working lives, most of us will encounter someone we find difficult to deal with.  And with people under more and more pressure at work, it’s perhaps not surprising that we’re not all always on our best behaviour at work!

Dealing with difficult people?

In the video clip below our Managing Director, Nicky McCrudden explains what got her interested in strategies for coping with bad behaviour in the workplace and what motivated her to develop our critically acclaimed Dealing with Difficult People training course.


What’s the secret to dealing with difficult people?

Dealing with difficult people and learning to cope with challenging behaviour in the workplace is actually quite straight forward.  The first step is to depersonalise the behaviour, then there are a number of strategies and techniques that you can apply to manage the behaviour of others – regardless of whether they are your boss, your subordinates, your customers or your colleagues.  Take a look at our top 3 tips for dealing with challenging behaviour at work:

  1. Recognise it’s not personal – most people don’t get out of bed in the morning aiming to upset you
  2. You can’t force other people to change – the only behaviour that you have full control over it yours, but conversely changing your own approach can lead to a change in others
  3. If you have to try an assertive challenge – sometimes difficult people have never been challenged about their behaviour, so blindly carry on doing something that upsets everyone else.  There is a particular structure to an effective ‘assertive challenge’.  To find out more see below.

Learn more about dealing with difficult people?

To discover more proven strategies for dealing with difficult people, take a look at our open courses in Dealing with Difficult People here.

If you have a small group of staff that would benefit from this training, for example a reception team, then why not call us on 0845 257 5871, or view case studies of how this course has benefited other organisations just like yours.