“They way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers.”
Sir Richard Branson (Business Stripped Bare)

On 19 May, Learning at Work (LAW) day will promote workplace learning events nationwide.  The annual event is part of the 20th annual Adult Learners’ Week, which runs from 14 to 20 May.  To mark the occasion, McCrudden Training is offering free support to help small to medium sized business assess their workplace training needs.

National LAW Day is organised by the Campaign for Learning (CfL).  It aims to draw attention to the importance of workplace skills, and encourages employers to offer learning to staff, especially those that may not usually participate in learning opportunities.  The theme of this year’s event is ‘Future Matters‘, which seeks to highlight the skills gaps that need to be addressed in changing local and global economies.

In 2010, thousands of organisations from small businesses to household names joined the campaign.  This year CfL believes it is more important than ever that small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) maintain and develop their skills levels, in order to adapt and thrive.  SMEs now make-up 95% of UK businesses and employ 60% of the private sector workforce and according to the latest National Employer Skills Survey 1.7 million staff have a skills gap. In recent years, the Department for Business and Innovation and Skills has been encouraging businesses to adopt voluntary ‘skills pledges’.  Despite this, less than half of organisations have any form of training plan in place.  So, helping organisations to develop a structured approach to investing in staff to gain a competitive business edge is crucial.

Training should not only increase the skills of staff, but be relevant to the market, and enable organisations to adapt to business challenges and the increasing demands of customers. Investment in training can ultimately be cost-saving and is a great motivator or way to attract the best staff to vacant positions.  A recent Global Knowledge survey revealed that 72% of employees viewed training opportunities just as important as salary, when choosing their next job.

McCrudden Training is promoting the Learning at Work event and encouraging SMEs to get involved by providing a free electronic Training Needs Analysis (TNA) self-assessment; a simple tool to help organisations to identify their own specific training needs.

Nicky McCrudden (Director of McCrudden Training) says “Larger organisations can frequently benefit from reduced costs from buying training en masse, or using less costly in-house development like shadowing or internal knowledge sharing.  Typically, this means that smaller organisations are being forced to spend more per head on training staff.  At McCrudden Training we feel that cost-effective training options should be available to all organisations, regardless of size.”

she adds, “Training staff should give organisations the best return on investment.  To do that training budgets should be targeted and spent on fulfilling a genuine gap in the skills mix of the staff, rather than a knee-jerk reaction to a problem, or simply because a course has caught someone’s eye.”

So if it’s time to get LAW on your side for your organisation,contact us to ensure you get your free, no obligations electronic TNA questionnaire.