How about this recipe for great training, from Izzy and Jon (two of our new trainers):

  • 1lb Preparation
  • 1lb relevant material
  • 1 extraordinary presenter
  • 12 engaged participants
  • 1 very nice venue
  • 1 tablespoon of refreshments
  • 1/2 dozen activities
  • a dash of good humor
  • a tempering of feedback
  • 3 good cups of objectives

Marinate the preparation with a portion of the material over several days.  

Combine your mix with the activities.

Mix the presenter, participants, refreshments and objectives together with the venue – combine well.  Gradually add the remaining material and season with feedback.  Sprinkle good humor throughout and finally serve on a plate of evaluation.


These guys are going to be a great addition to our team!  (Let’s hope their baking is as good as their training and their imagination!)