By Nicky McCrudden (aged 36 3/4)


This is why I think training is great;

you can ingest knowledge, without gaining weight.

Whatever you chose to learn,

it can add to what you can earn.


You could practice resus in first aid,

or get skills for a sales crusade.

You might want to build a strong team,

or deal with folk who make you scream.


Are you overwhelmed by your work,

or perhaps the stress is driving you berserk.

There’s a training course to meet your desire,

where new knowledge and skills you’ll acquire.


Should you find you want to ‘know more’,

but you’ve always found learning a bore,

you just need to meet McCrudden Training.

The pace where learning is entertaining.


So, yes I do think that learning is great

Book your training with us, before it’s too late!


Innovative training approach

Our poem that won this morning’s Star Speaker Award at Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce breakfast – and a good example of the creative approach that we take to developing innovative training materials that will capture your imagination!  To see some of our other materials visit the resources page, and to find out what materials we could develop for your next training event why not contact us.