Micro learning

Managers have many conflicting time pressures, such as meetings and work deadlines, as well as leading and supporting their teams. Having to undertake a day of training here, or a half day of training there, can sometimes add to the pressures of their roles.

Whilst they need to undertake the training, and want to do it, sometimes, that time out can be challenging. It can feel that there is never a right time and that can alter their mindset when they actually attend the training – will they be half in the room with their mind on their team, or day job?

We also know that sometimes managers don’t need to know everything they will learn on a training course all in one go. That’s why we think that micro learning could be the way forward.

What is micro learning?

Micro learning, or sometime called on-demand learning, is training that is available for short periods of time, as and when required. It might be a short 45–60-minute workshop (or even shorter), with discrete pieces of learning content of only 10-15 minutes long. It can be undertaken easily, even using a mobile phone in some cases, whenever the manager has the time, or needs the learning.

What are the benefits?

Micro learning will save your organisation time, money and resources.

  • If you’re using a digital platform like My SmartPath, it’s available 24/7: Instead of sending someone on a whole day you make training available right when they need it
  • It’s brief: With some training modules only 5 minutes long, the manager can choose to do one per day, or more if they have the time.
  • It’s relevant: As the learning is short, the training has to be focused on specific areas so the learner is not lost in background and peripheral information, that isn’t really needed.
  • It’s convenient: Whilst your manager is commuting to a meeting on a train, that time can be spent exploring learning content, anything from a self-assessment quiz on influencing styles, or an animation about the Betari Box, or watching a video demonstrating how to craft a feedback statement.
  • It’s personalised: As an HR manager you don’t need to have a group of people who all need the same topic to justify a training course, and you don’t have to restrict people to learning that’s relevant to their current role. Each individual can tailor their own learning to help work towards their career goals in your organisation.

It will also improve your manager’s own wellbeing as they no longer feel the pressure of long lengths of time away from their team, or their day-to-day work.


Will microlearning work for your organisation?

For micro learning to work in your organisation there must be a learning culture. Managers need to be in a mindset that when they need to learn something, they recognise that need, and take responsibility to find it, to access it when they need it.

But often, that is about making sure the solution is properly launched and information is communicated. So, we have our very own playbook to help you launch the platform seamlessly. We even use gamification tools to encourage people to want to learn!


How can McCrudden Training help?

Our goal is to make on-demand, virtual learning fun and intuitive, to help organisations create an affordable, autonomous learning culture. We do this with My SmartPath, an online bitesize learning platform offering immediate, instant and completely personalised learning for staff. It can be accessed via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, 24-7 and the package includes:

  • Monthly SmartPath Live events offer the added benefits of in-person training
  • Unlimited access to hundreds of bite-sized resources lasting between 2 and 20 minutes
  • Learn2 workouts link content to guide staff through key challenges

There are 11 SmartPaths, including:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict handling
  • Change management
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Developing yourself and others
  • Wellbeing
  • Career planning

My SmartPath has three levels of corporate membership, including your very own reporting tool to monitor usage, and tailored campaigns to increase staff engagement in relevant learning! And if you’re not sure that your organisation is quite ready for on-demand, micro-learning, then we still have a great range of training courses that can be delivered in person, or virtually.