Our Divisions

McCrudden Partnership listening and supporting learning in your organisation.

McCrudden Partnership has four divisions to support learning in your organisation:

These divisions were formed after we asked our clients what they (you) thought. We had realised in 2020 that we weren’t necessarily making it easy for them to figure out how we could help them – which went against the very grain of our ethos. So, we talked to them. We asked them what they thought would be a better way for us to work with them – in true partnership style.

Our Training Partnership is born

At the time we were known simply as McCrudden Training (established since 2005) and our clients suggested the concept of McCrudden Partnership, with the belief they are made to feel as genuine partners.

Our team sat down and had a real good think, over a cup of tea and some biscuits. We agreed with the feedback we’d had and we needed to differentiate more clearly between the different elements of our training services. We came up with the four divisions that would fall under the McCrudden Partnership, and our clients liked the idea too.

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