McCrudden Healthcare Training

McCrudden Healthcare Training

Designing and delivering training for managers and frontline healthcare personnel across the NHS since 2009.

McCrudden Healthcare Training


McCrudden Healthcare Training has designed and delivered training for NHS managers and frontline healthcare personnel since 2009.

Our team’s expertise spans public health, primary/community care, acute trusts and mental health providers, allowing us to build strong partnerships with our clients.

We pride ourselves on our values-based approach and partnership philosophy. We’ll work with you to understand the training your staff need to help them deliver a well-led service offering outstanding patient care.

Practical healthcare training courses


There’s no such thing as an off-the-shelf course. Whether it’s a leadership programme, modular training, masterclasses or a specialist medical terminology course, our training is customised to your organisational culture and workforce needs.

Our practical training courses are developed with compassion for your needs. We find out what you want to achieve and understand the mindset of your organisation and your values. This means our courses feel fully integrated with your organisation and promote the transfer of learning, taking steps to make sure people really do make changes.

Training and organizational support for healthcare workers


We take a holistic view of learning. It’s not just delivering a course, it’s the whole package. We make sure not only are our courses developed to meet your needs but that the trainers match your requirements too.

Our team of healthcare experts truly are experts and offer a range of learning support solutions for individuals, clinical teams and organisation-wide development. They’ve experienced the NHS as employees, or have worked with healthcare organisations for many years. Our team includes retired nurses, strategic commissioning managers, through to Associate Directors of L&OD, and we’ve used that expertise to help primary care organisations, acute trusts, and a wide range of allied health professionals.

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