In a recent survey conducted by McCrudden Training, 98% of East Sussex business owners said that in a recession, outstanding customer service is one of the most important ways they gain a competitive advantage.  And that’s where our First Service customer training programme comes in.

There are dozens of customer care packages on the market, but all the accredited courses pretty much follow the same format.  In other words, the customer service training you recieve is exactly the same regardless of whether you’re in Bognor or Barnsley, if you’re a croupier or a care worker.  At McCrudden Training, we wanted to do things differently.

Inspired by last year’s BBC television series, Service with Michel Roux Jr we set about designing a programme that could offer any business the benefits of bespoke training without the costly price tag.

We talked to lots of organisations and asked them what elements of customer service training were most important to them and how they’d like their staff to get recognition for the training.  Based on the results of those discussions, we’ve come up with a customer service training programme:

  • a ‘menu’ of bite-sized workshops to choose from on meaningful customer service topics
  • a non-accredited programme, so there are no additional exam costs to pay
  • learning is still assessed – to successfully complete the course, delegates must pass an internally verified assessment

Show your customers and clients that you’re serious about customer service:

  • successfully complete 6 hours of training and you’ll recieve a First Service pin badge
  • work-towards achieving First Service Advantage, a higher level course for team leaders and supervisors
  • if the majority of your staff/volunteers achieve the First Service standard, we’ll ‘badge’ your organisation a First Service

Access First Service customer service training:

Whether it’s front line NHS staff, local authority employees or hotel staff, if you’re looking to improve the quality of customer care in your organisation, take a look at our open course programme.  If you have 6 or more staff wanting to achieve First Service, why not contact us to discuss your needs.